Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jerry Seinfeld, "Seinfeld," 1995


PASADENA, Calif. -- At the Winter Press Tour, it's sometimes easier to gauge stardom by who shows up, and who doesn't: Those who do make an appearance need the press to bang the drum for their show, and those who don't make an appearance are doing just fine without the nation's TV critics.

Well, make an exception for Jerry Seinfeld, sort of, who showed up just long enough to announce that, indeed, the phenomenally popular "Seinfeld" will be returning for yet another season in the fall. It's a bit of a surprise, since rumors have been rampant for months that this season was likely the show's last.

"This year we have suddenly been having a lot more fun than I think we thought we were going to have," Seinfeld said. "And, as a result, we've decided to continue the show into next season."

The star of TV's most popular sitcom said earlier this season he assumed he'd have to make the "tough" decision whether to end the show, but he was torn.

"When is it time to say goodbye when you're doing a TV series?" he recalled asking himself. "I've never done one before. I've ended a lot of relationships; I know when that's over."

But, Seinfeld explained, he and the cast members sat down in December to make the decision about the show's future.

"We all said that we thought that this was probably going to be the last year, at the beginning" of the season. "But as the season went on, we were laughing so much and having so much fun and enjoying each other's company so much ... we thought, 'Let's stay
together.' "

That's not to say, however, that next year is necessarily the last year, Seinfeld said.

"I don't know, it might be. It could be. Probably. Maybe. I don't know."

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